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Lemlunay Resort is located at the southwest corner of Sarangani Bay in the province of Sarangani. Looking out at the ocean you will see Sarangani Bay to the left and the Sulawesi sea to the right.The bay has a wealth of good diving and the best location is the huge Tinoto Wall. This runs about 10 kilometers along the bay in front of the South Point Divers clubhouse. The wall drops off well over 50 meters about 10 to 20 meters from shore. The fishing vessels tell us there is a short ledge in the wall then it continues to drop down to 300 meters or more, well beyond diving limits, so please watch your depth.

Currents at times can be strong, especially during changes in tides. Experienced guides and boatmen are available on every dive. Drift diving here is the norm.

Depending on the location of your dive, you will find a wide variety of hard and soft coral, huge gorgonians, sponges and an endless array of reef life. Pelagics are also a common site. More specifically, you can expect to see turtles, rays, rainbow runners, groupers, snappers and patrols of sergeant majors. The majestic Napoleon Wrasse is also frequently seen on the house reef.

As always the reef critters are around to keep you company. The clown fish, angel fish, parrot fish and many shell fish.

The awesome Tinoto Wall is our front yard. Come play with us.